Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haraguchi Kazuhiro decided to fight back

 According to Nikkei, Haraguchi decided to fight back CHIKEN.  This sounds like coordinated effort with Suzuki  Muneo.  This is what exactly DPJ should do.  This is what we call "match pump."  Stir up the fire and extinguish it.

検察などの裏金存在調査を指示 総務相

原口一博総務相は17日、検察庁を含むすべての行政機関の「裏金」の存在を調べるよう省内に指示したことを明らかにした。各省庁の業務の実施状況を調べ る行政評価局を活用する。「検察に裏金があるとの告発もあった。すべての機関について例外なく検査してくれということだ」とも述べた。総務省内で記者団に 語った。
新党大地の鈴木宗男衆院議員が1月19日に提出した質問主意書で、検察庁の調査活動費が裏金として飲食費などに流用されたとする一部報道の事実関係を質 問。政府は29日に閣議決定した答弁書で「調査活動費は適正に執行されている。調査をする必要はない」と回答した。
 This has a background story.  A prosecutor of Osaka Koken, Mitsui Tamaki was arrested  in 2002 on minor charges and he was convicted and jailed later.  The arrest was made on the same day, just hours before he was scheduled to be interviewed by a journalist and TV caster, Torigoe Shuntaro, regarding the illegal embezzlement of "investigation fund" inside the prosecutor's office.  The series of abnormal events at the Osaka local court, such as leak of the sentence before the official judgment, gave an impression that prosecutor's office and the court are all in it together.

Since Suzuki Muneo's arrest and ever-lasting trial also took abnormal path  (in his case, by Tokyo CHIKEN, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office), it is natural that he has deep-rooted grudge against CHIKEN. He has been publicly and openly criticizing CHIKEN for a long time.

We will see the developments soon.

Mitsui Tamaki Just got out of jail this January after 15 months, and there will be a symposium regarding Ozawa on Feb 26, streamed on internet.

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