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A public betrayed--Who actually is betrayed?

This is a response to Leslie in AMPONTAN blog.
I could not post the article, so I post it here.


I can understand that your have minimal capability of understanding the Japanese media. Most likely you are serious and sincere, I assume, unless you are a member of Soka gakkai. At least I can safely say that you had better check the background of what they say.

If you read the web site of the book, you will find that one part is very strange to a no-Soka Gakkai person like me. Why did they include the rape trial of Ikeda Daisaku in the five case studies that are suppose to represent the Japanese media? As to an outsiders of Soka Gakkai, Ikeda Daisaku is nobody. He looks fat and disgusting, he might have raped many women, but reports of those do not represent the way the Japanese media behaves. And I know how Soka Gakkai can be really sickening because the restaurant I used to visit was run by a Gakkai believer, and the newspapers (Seikyo Shinbun, sacred religion news paper) are full of nauseating slanders against their brother buddhist monk, Nikken. If you do not know Nikken, you should not be involved in Soka Gakkai.

Briefly, Adam Gamble (Arthur Gamble according to Financial Times) is a writer related to Soka Gakkai publisher in Boston. The FT article and the book are published by the same people, I guess, unless Arther Gamble and Adam Gamble are two different persons.

Watanabe Takesato is a professor at Doshisha University in Kyoto, and a sympathiser or perhaps could be a member of Soka Gakkai. At least he is actively involved in their propaganda as in this or that. The FT article is also posted on his web.

And the usual suspect Kimura Aiji of Akukan Tsushin has a trouble with this book. Kimura wrote:
上記の共著者、Takesato Watanabe(渡辺武達)は、同志社大学のメディア論の教授であるが、同時に、創価学会系雑誌の常連執筆者でもある。彼のメディア批判は、何のことは ない。池田大作の強姦事件を報道する週刊新潮などを、口を極めて罵倒するのが目的なのである。
My translation of the above:
One of the co-author, Watanabe Takesato is a professor majoring in mass media at Doshisha University, and at the same time, he is constantly contributing to magazines related to Soka Gakkai. His criticism of mass media is, in essence, badmouthing of magazines, including Shukan Shincho, which report the rape comitted by Ikeda Daisaku.
Of course Shukan Shincho fights back. This reports the death of the husband of the rape victim, and ordeal they suffered during their fight against Soka Gakkai.

The victims of Soka Gakkai have their say:

The critics of Soka Gakkai criticize the court was unjustly influenced by the cult, and discuss the international propaganda of Soka Gakki:

After you read all these, who do you believe? I feel Watanaben Takesato's behavior is highly suspicious. This is most likely religio-political propaganda by the Buddhist cult. And you are the one swallowing all of them without a doubt.

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